about MC

Mariana Cantú.

Originally from Mexico, based in New York City, Mariana Cantú found her love for production during her years as a producer for Vogue Italia/L'UOMO Vogue. Since then, she has produced various covers and portfolios which include high profile artists such as Justin Bieber, Anderson Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Evan Spiegel - to name a few. Her work has been shot by photographers Bruce Weber, Francesco Carrozzini, Michel Comte, among others.


Mariana is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a BS in Fashion Merchandising Management. She found her passion in the editorial field, while previously working for other publications such as Harper's Bazaar. 

She has been producing photo shoots since 2014. She specializes in location shoots, also shares here her love for photography, fashion, production, and travel, combining these five elements together to create a full story. Her recent production work has been published internationally.